Be a champion of the Moose Hide Campaign by hosting a kiosk or walk to end violence in your community

Community Champions

Community Champions support the Moose Hide Campaign Day by organizing local events and taking an active role in ending gender-based violence in their community.

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 Sign-up for A COMMUNITY Champions Training SESSION!

 Sign-up for A COMMUNITY Champions Training SESSION!

Host a Walk to End Violence AT YOUR SCHOOL

Preparations for the day will vary depending on the type of walk you are organising. If you are planning a small walk then gathering with your colleagues and preparations will be relatively simple. This can be as simple as taking the time to acknowledge the Moose Hide Campaign’s mandate to help end violence towards women and children, honour the fasters you work with and walk all together. A few things to consider:

Learn about the campaign and order pins

Start by reviewing our website for information and ordering your moose hide pins. We offer moose hide pins free of charge, including shipping to anyone who is committed to wearing the moose hide pins and sharing the vision.

Invitations and promotional materials

Clearly communicate the date and time of the Walk and your purpose for gathering. Consider inviting a diverse group of attendees, since the Moose Hide Campaign is an Indigenous innovation for all Canadians and a way for individuals and diverse groups to come together around a common cause, namely the protection and care of women and children.

Identify a Location

Identify a suitable location for the Walk and the number of participants, including adequate seating if required at the end of the Walk, especially if Elders are present.

Local Nation(s) and protocols:

We recommend that you request the participation of local First Nations and see if it is appropriate for them to do any cultural protocols, processes or ceremonies that will support the event and its participants, especially for larger events.

We recommend reaching out to local First Nations and Indigenous organizations for a number of important reasons to acknowledge that the Walk will happen in their traditional territory; seek their blessing/ support for the event; obtain their engagement and if appropriate, their partnership in the Walk any other reasons that might become apparent as you move forward with planning.

As you do this, it is important to understand any expectations and or approaches that ensure this work is done in a good way. For example, in some communities’ tobacco is offered when asking for cultural help. Often Elders will be engaged to support the Walk in various ways, such as opening protocols/prayer etc. Knowing how to support them and honour them for their work (e.g. honoraria) is different for different communities, some upfront work is needed to learn the best way to approach this part of the Walk development. It is always best to ask for help if you don’t know.

Agenda to guide the day’s activities:

Inform people ahead of time of the Walk’s schedule, start and end sites. If you plan to have speakers at the end of the Walk, here are things to consider we recommend having a host person who can kick off the Walk and facilitate the end of the walk gathering. Larger Moose Hide Campaign walks usually have at least one keynote speaker at the Walk end site gathering who can share experiences and insights with those gathered. This helps to develop a better understanding of the issue(s) and supports both insight and inspiration.

Let us know about your event!

The Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement, and we rely upon local champions to spread our message through local events.

If you are planning an event, please fill out the form at the bottom page to let us know about it!


Hosting a kiosk is one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about the Moose Hide Campaign and the issue of violence towards women and children. Connecting with people on an individual level is a powerful way to build awareness about this critical issue and to promote personal commitment and involvement. 

What is a Moose Hide Campaign Kiosk?

A Moose Hide Campaign kiosk is a physical or virtual space created by volunteers or Campaign representatives to interact with people about the campaign. It’s an ideal way to hand out moose hide pins and to promote participation in the campaign, including wearing the moose hide pin, taking the online pledge, fasting or attending a campaign event.

Who Can Host a Moose Hide Campaign Kiosk?

Anyone who supports the campaign and can host people in a respectful way is welcome to set up a Moose Hide Campaign kiosk. While the campaign is designed to get men involved in addressing violence towards women and children, we encourage all people to participate in the campaign. If you host a kiosk, please inform visitors that you are a volunteer and not a representative of the campaign. You can also inform the Moose Hide Campaign in advance to obtain valuable information about upcoming events and to find out if a Moose Hide Campaign representative is available to join you.

Where can I find kiosk materials?

Moose hide pins, including animal-free synthetic versions, can be ordered online and delivered anywhere in Canada.

You can also visit the Download page for materials you can print yourselves.

What kind of questions might be asked?

Questions may include the history of the campaign, what the moose hide patch represents, why the campaign focuses on violence towards women and children (as opposed to all forms of violence) and how people can get involved.

Learn the answer to these questions by reading about The Issue.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, just say so – and refer them to campaign team or web site.

Setting a Friendly Tone for the Kiosk

Engaging with others in a friendly way can be immensely rewarding. By hosting a kiosk and handing out pins you are doing something positive to help end violence against women and children, which happens all too frequently in Canada and around the world.

Remember you are not being asked to sell anything; while our non-profit society accepts donations, participation in the campaign is and always will be free.

Sensitive Information

Given the prevalence of domestic and gender-based violence, it is possible that someone will share personal information, such as an experience of abuse. While it is important to listen and acknowledge their experience, it is also important not to press for additional information. Be mindful of confidentiality and encourage them to reach out to trained professionals and services as appropriate.

You may also want to have contact information to hand for local supports and services for those affected by violence, which can be found on our Get Help page.

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There are many school organized events that take place across Canada on Moose Hide Campaign Day.

If you are a school organizing a walk or other event we’d love to know more about it, and potentially feature it on our Blog!


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