Changing societal norms, long standing worldviews and unacceptable actions does not happen through isolated activities.  Create a classroom or school wide plan to ensure that learning is ongoing, actions and activities happen throughout the year and that learning happens at every grade level. 

Consider making Moose Hide Day an annual event in your school. Your Moose Hide Day will be a great way to honour and celebrate the actions for change that have happened over the year and to commit to next steps in the year to come.

Some Moose Hide Campaign events could include:

  • Walks to end violence
  • Fasting ceremonies in high schools OR fathers fasting for the women and children in their lives in elementary schools (Read more about fasting here.)
  • Ceremonies to honour women and children in the traditional ways of the people of the territory
  • Ceremonies to honour men who are walking the path of honour in their value for, and treatment of women and children.

Send us a new story, video, newsletter or other communication about your Moose Hide Day activities each year highlighting the good work being done in your school.

Emma loves her dog Brutus more than anything. Emma makes sure to feed Brutus every day and makes sure he has plenty of water. Emma takes Brutus for walks around her neighbourhood so Brutus can stay strong and healthy. What are other ways Emma can show Brutus she loves him?

Colour in Emma and Brutus. In the bubble, draw 3 things you think Brutus loves. Think of other dogs you know or have seen in stories and movies, what do they love?

Love is a two way street

Emma and Brutus do lots of activities together. Some of them Emma does because she loves Brutus, and some of them Brutus does because he loves Emma. For example, when Emma comes home from school Brutus always runs to the door to say hello and tell her how excited he is to see her.

It is okay to love something like your favourite colour or food but when you love a living being such as a best friend or a pet, it is important that both of you show and receive love.You already know some of the things Emma does to show Brutus love, but what does Brutus do to show Emma that he loves her?

Write two examples down.

Health is Love!

This is Brutus's food bowl. Food is one of the things that keeps Brutus physically healthy. Just like people, Brutus needs food to stay healthy and active. In Brutus's food bowl draw one food that you love and that keeps you healthy.

There are many ways to stay healthy and today we are going to put all the ways we can stay healthy into four categories.

The four categories are:

  1. Physical health
  2. Spiritual health
  3. Mental health
  4. Emotional health

Physical health is all of the things your body needs to stay healthy. This can be eating good foods to nourish our bodies, playing sports and going for walks to keep our body healthy, and going to doctor's appointments to check on our health. Draw something in the quarter circle that you do for your physical health?

Indigenous woman

Spiritual health includes all the things you do to make your spirit healthy and happy.

This can be spending time with friends and family, or being part of a team, going to ceremonies or practicing your culture. It can even be enjoying nature. In the quarter circle below, draw something you do for your spiritual health?

Indigenous man