Education is the key to ending violence against women and children in a broad and systemic manner: one person at a time.

Experience tells us that learning values and perceptions happen at a very early age. When done in an open, ethical and non-judgmental space, education can be a powerful platform for students to examine their own biases and those of their family and community. The Moose Hide Learning Journey is designed to support teachers in offering just such a learning environment while providing students with opportunities to explore alternative values and perspectives that respect and honour women and children.

The platform is designed to:

  • support teachers with background information and terminology to ensure that they are prepared prior to teaching their students;
  • offer guidance to teachers related to establishing an ethical space with the necessary supports in place to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all students and teachers;
  • provide a step by step learning pathway that is prescriptive enough that it supports teachers in offering a sequential and pedagogically sound format for students to follow, yet is inquiry based so that each student’s (and teacher’s) learning journey is meaningful, relevant and self-guided;
  • provide resources including videos, sample lesson plans created by teachers from across the country, and Moose Hide Campaign materials to inspire and support teachers and students in their learning journey, and;
  • highlight the work that teachers, students and communities are doing across the country to inspire others to challenge and change their attitudes and actions towards a more just society for women and children.

Our goals through the Moose Hide Campaign Learning Platform are to:

  • engage teachers and students to find the moral courage, integrity and confidence to embark on their own personal learning journey about the truths for Indigenous women and children, and all women and children, in this country related to violence and discrimination;
  • help to shape the way that young women see themselves, their strength and their futures: to instill hope and honour;
  • help to share the way that young men view their own roles and responsibilities related to women, children and safe, healthy community in a way that supports a stronger, healthier more loving future;
  • support and empower students to find and use their powerful voices to create social change that is child and youth driven, and;
  • end violence against women and children and replace the root causes of that violence with understanding, respect, honour and love through ethical education.
  • inspire children/teachers to join the Moose Hide Campaign by making an on-line video pledge statement, wearing and sharing the moose hide pins and participating in the Moose Hide Campaign Day of Gathering and Fasting